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Automatic Sliding Doors: A New Technology Innovation of Modern Era

Quality of life is one of the most important things that we all are concerned with during all stages of our life. We are always searching for the best and effective methods through which we can improve our lifestyle. For this, we purchase a nice car, a luxury house, branded home accessories and furniture. We mostly focus on interior things. Some of us also want to make their homes as “Smart Homes.” Yes, smart home ideas are an excellent way to improve your lifestyle by lessening human work.

If you think that smart homes are only present in the movies, then you are out-dated. Numerous intelligent home appliances are now available in the market. The most important from them is Automatic Sliding Doors. Likewise, commercial building, they are currently taking place in residential houses to improve the lifestyle of human. In this article, you are going to read a comprehensive review of automated doors. So, let’s start.

What are Automated Sliding Doors?

The doors that open automatically with the help of some sensors are commonly known as Automated Sliding Doors. These sensors may be pressure, optical, infrared, or motion sensors. These doors are improving the lifestyle of humans. On the other hand, they are an essential part of big shopping malls and other commercial buildings.

There are hundreds of automatic doors available in the market. Their price depends on the design, style, size, and sensors present in it. Therefore, if you are willing to install such a door in your house to increase the property worth, then this article is a must-read piece for you. All of the important points are mentioned in this content that will help you in understanding the basic functionality behind these doors. So, let’s start the necessary proceedings.

How automatic doors work?

Optical sensors and motion detection sensors are two widely used sensors which are used for triggering the opening and closing of a door. These two sensors are usually present on the sides of the door. Numerous people say that these doors are the invention of the modern world, but you may be surprised to know that they are in the market for a minimum half-century. At that time, these doors weren’t much sophisticated in technology, but now, due to the latest technology, they are becoming more powerful.

Pressure sensor:

The pressure sensors are the most common type of sensors used in the automatic doors for opening and closing functions. Control Mats, present on the floor near to doors, detects the pedestrian’s weight or pressure on a particular area. While setting them, they are set to some weight limit. If pressure or load on the mat will increase, then the doors will open. The best advantage of the pressure sensor is, the door will remain open until the pressure releases from the mat. The total number of people can walk through in a single attempt. These type of automatic doors are present in the big shopping malls.

Motion sensors:

The motion detection sensors are also very prominent in the automatic doors industry. Most of the automatic doors are now moving from pressure sensors to motion sensors. Its working is effortless. It will detect the motion of people or things near to the doors for triggering the function of opening and closing. Usually, a microwave beam of 10.5 GHz is used by the antenna that is present on the head of the door. In modern automatic doors, the motion detectors sensors are present on both sides of doors. But they have a drawback. They won’t be able to detect the motion of a person who is walking quite slowly.

Some other mechanisms of automatic doors:

Here are some other mechanisms of the automatic doors to trigger the functions of a door opening and closing.

  • Push button automatic doors: In this system, the door opens when a user presses the button.
  • Access control automatic doors: The access control doors open when you will enter code. These doors are present in the rooms of a five-star hotel.

Automatic sliding door:

As the demand for automatic sliding doors is increasing in all parts of the world; therefore, the technology in them is becoming more advance. Motor mechanism with tracks and rollers are the essential part of these doors. Have a look, how it works?

Where are the sensors placed, and how do they work?

By reading two below-mentioned points, you will understand the placing of sensors, motor, tracks, and rollers in an automated door. Do read them carefully if you want to understand the basic functionality and structure of the automatic sliding door opener mechanism.

The motor mechanism in automatic doors:

The sensors used in the automatic doors (optical or pressure sensors) are typically wired to the main drive train (electrified). The main electrified drive is responsible for controlling the clutch mechanism. The clutch mechanism has cogwheel or auxiliary drive attached with the targeted doors. On the other hand, the doors and auxiliary drive are also interlinked with cables or the internal durable rubber belts. If you say that these cables are the most necessary part of the automatic sliding doors, then it won’t be wrong. They carry the opening and closing functions of the doors. 

Tracks and rollers in automatic doors:

There are several ways to install automatic sliding doors that depends on the door style and application. If there are frame-less glass door, then you can hang from about the head tracks. But, you don’t need to connect it with the floor. On the other hand, you can also mount them on one-side with the tracks and rollers while making a secure connection with the plane of the floor. Moreover, you can also install them with the help of a metal frame. Use tracks and rollers on both sides i.e., overhead side and floor plane.

Can i use my smart phone to open my automatic door?

Yes, opening automatic doors with your smartphones is now possible. Hundreds of such doors are now available in the international market. If you have a smart home system in your home, then you can connect your automatic door with it and can open the door with a code, blue tooth system, or WIFI system. It depends on the nature of your doors. In short, it is possible to open doors with smartphones now.

Automatic doors cost:

The automatic doors were too costly in the past. It was only possible for the businessmen to buy these doors for their commercial building, but with the time, they are now available at affordable prices. Read the below guide.

Are automatic sliding doors expensive?

If you think that automatic sliding doors are not affordable to the common man, then you are wrong. Hundreds of cost-effective automated doors are now available in the markets.

You can consult with the specialists. They will guide you in a better way about the cost of automatic sliding doors. Moreover, if you need more help regarding these doors, then you can read our other blogs.

Advantages of Automatic doors:

There are hundreds of benefits of the automatic doors that you can enjoy. They are becoming an essential need of every luxury home and average homes. If you want o increase the worth of your property, then don’t be late in installing automatic doors. Here are some great benefits that one can get.

  • One of the most significant benefits of the automated doors, you don’t need to worry about opening the door with your hands. Suppose, if you have fragile things in your hands and you want to open a door. Suddenly, items dropped on the door and broke down into pieces. It will be much costly for you. On the other hand, the modern automated sliding doors won’t need your power to open them. 
  • It is an essential need of every modern house. It will increase the worth of your property as it is a cool thing. These doors will be a sign of great welcoming of your guests. They will be impressed by them. In short, they are highly useful for the accessibility as well as the modern tool of your house. 
  • These are the essential needs of every commercial building. You might have witnessed them in all the big shopping malls in your area. They ease the mobility of people. As there are multiple types of doors available in the market, so, you need to choose according to your needs. If you have a big mall, then go with the sliding doors. If you have a small commercial building, then small automated gates will be useful for you.

Apart from these benefits, there are multiple others. If you want to know further about these doors, then do visit our blog section. You can also subscribe to our newsletter for the latest news from our side.