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On August 14, 1947, Pakistan came into existence and was declared as a separate Muslim nation. Millions of Muslims living in India moved to Pakistan and started living under one roof as one nation called Pakistan
History of Pakistan unfolds many events that are unforgettable include, brutal assassination of Muslims, massacre of millions of refugees, sacrifices of many human lives, it was not as simple as it seems. Muslims of Pakistan had gone through many difficulties to acquire the this Islamic Republic of Pakistan. In the early 17th century British became the dominant force in the Asian subcontinent and they ruled subcontinent many years. In 19 century gradually the slogan of Muslims as a separate identity emerged, this idea was given by ALLAMA IQBAL in 1930(famous Muslim philosopher, poet and politician) who is widely regarded as having inspired the Pakistan Movement and this movement later followed by SIR SYED AHMED KHAN.
In 1906, All India-Muslim league came into existence under the supervision of QUAID E AZAM to protect the rights of Muslims in sub-continent. And by his continuous and consistent effort that Pakistan found its place on earth map in 1947. Muhammad Ali Jinnah became the first Governor-General and Liaquat Ali Khan became Prime Minister of Pakistan. History shows that it was a mass migration of Muslim majority, who sacrificed their life, give up their homeland and properties to come to Pakistan as a Muslim nation. Most went by walking or via train and in doing that they risk their lives. Numerous never made it, getting to be casualties of the furious savagery activated by Partition. The size of killing was terrible: it’s assessed that up to a million people were butchered in this savagery. Trains loaded with Muslims, escaping westwards, were held up and butchered by Hindu and Sikh crowds

Problem Facing Stage

In the very beginning of Pakistan after independence Pakistan had to face many consequences, due to the death of QUAIDE AZAM who died after 13 months of Pakistan independence and this lack of constitutions, law enforcement and its implementation and many obligations by neighbouring country lead Pakistan to many losses. For the new state, the initial years proved to be a period essentially of consolidation and exploration. Pakistan adopted a series of five-year plans to improve economic and educational development and put a great emphasis on literacy rate

Problem Solving Stage

. The country continues to face challenging problems due to unresolved territorial disputes with India and in 1971 Pakistan confronted a common war and Indian military mediation resulting in separation of East Pakistan as the new nation Bangladesh.
In spite of all these difficulties Pakistan slowly heading towards the phase of development and become a first Muslims nuclear power by the immense effort of DOCTOR ABDUL QADEER KHAN in 1998. Pakistan conducted nuclear weapons testing and successfully become a nuclear power. Pakistan has undergone through many development and many problems in this era. Local politics issues have experienced numerous difficulties since Pakistani Independence, independent of whether the pioneer of the day touched base through the voting station or by an overthrow. Despite the unifying banner of Islam, a large number of the most profound issues have emerged from various ethnic gatherings going after a share of political and financial power.

Political History

Many politicians came and went by, including Ayub Khan, Zia-ul-Haq, BENAZIR BHUTTO, NAWAZ SHARIF and ZARDARI. Some work for the development of Pakistan and some drown Pakistan in heavy loan abyss.
When Sharif (PML-N) become third time as prime minister of Pakistan, the economy improved substantially, with higher growth rates, a stable rupee, and lower inflation. Under Sharif’s premiership, Pakistan saw significant investment from China under the flagship program called China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC). For this purpose, China lent Pakistan tens of billions of dollars in order to develop Pakistan’s infrastructure and build a (CPEC). Gwadar seaport is also one of the grand project program connecting it to China’s Xinjiang province. However, with the development projects, Pakistan has taken hefty loans from China, thus Pakistan’s debt ballooned.
The 2015 Panama Papers leak the confidential international financial report claimed that Nawaz Sharif and his children had allegedly used to purchase real estate in London and in 2017 the Supreme Court disqualified Sharif and accused him from the seat of the prime minister and soon he got arrested.
Imran Khan becomes the prime minister of Pakistan 18 August 2018. In his premiership, Pakistan saw significant developments in its foreign relations. However, its debt commitments had ballooned over the previous years and inflation goes to a higher rate that never happened before. Now the economy of Pakistan is facing many problems and Pakistan is seeking aid from other foreign countries. Imran Khan has taken many steps to establish the country and overcome all crisis. He announces to develop a new Dam called Diamer-Bhasha Dam to combat the water crisis in Pakistan and help farmers to save water during irrigation. He announces to build our own sanitation system, improve the government’s schooling system and give quality education to children, improve the infrastructure of cities etc. we are hoping that Pakistan will InshaAllah prosper under his premiership.