How can you set your Goals?

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How to set your goal ( a call to action)


The first and the foremost thing which you have to is to judge yourself analyze yourself to find out things in which you are good at, what excites you the most?, what are your strengths?, what are the things which you can do perfectly even working for hours and you don’t feel tired while doing that, find out your passion and set your goal accordingly. We are all born with a deep and interesting purpose that we’ve got to get. Your purpose isn’t one thing you would like to create up; it’s already there. You’ve got to uncover it so as to form the life you wish for.

In order to get success, it is mandatory to set goals. By this I mean you cannot just accomplish your goal just by saying… you have to make it happen. This is your call to action to succeeding in life. This shows your purpose of life and without it you are nothing. Everyone has an aim to achieve because without goals you lack focus and direction. Setting your goal gives you and your life a direction “ a path “ to follow and you have to go along that road to reach your destination.

Here I am sharing some steps that will help you in setting your goal.


Decide on something which you really want to do. This must be a thing which gives you spark in decide your inner passion no matter it is small or big one. Decide it and start following it.


Ask a question to yourself why are you doing this? What you want to achieve in your life. Create a big picture of your dream. Where do you want to see yourself in the next five year? Is there any knowledge or skill you need to acquire to achieve your goal?.  Make sure that the goals that you have set are ones that you genuinely want to achieve, not ones that your parents, family, or employers might want. Be true to yourself.


 Writing down our goals increases our chances of sticking with them. Note down your goal and start taking action. It’s your time to call to action by saying this I mean it’s your time to take the first step. An old Chinese saying says the 1000-mile journey begins with one step. Even if your goal is not to walk 1000 miles, thinking about the first step along the way will really help you get started. Set date and time, track your performance accordingly this will help you to be disciplined and satisfied with your achievements.


If you have a big goal try to split it into parts and take it to step by step and try to complete them on time and but it doesn’t mean that you exhaust yourself and spend a whole day working without any breaks.  Make a schedule, split into small parts with dates and execute your plan. This way you won’t feel exhausted and demotivated


Achieving your goal is not that easy while Working on our goals can sometimes be more difficult and frustrating, so we must continue. If one step is not working, think of something else that you could try and that you are still moving forward, even slightly. If you are struggling, ask people for people suggestions and ask about their ideas what should you could do. They can help you see another way. If we think about different ways to achieve our goals, we are more likely to be successful.


This is the most important part in achieving anything in your life because if you don’t trust yourself you cannot do anything in life. Build self-confidence in yourself don’t be influenced by the other people who say you cannot do that. there is a famous saying “Believe in yourself. You are braver than you think, more talented than you know, and capable of more than you imagine.”

― Roy T. Bennett, The Light in the Heart


Revising your list is very important because it tells you where you are standing now and where you should be. It helps you to track your performance, measure your achievement and help you to take a next step in acquiring your also reminds you of the step which you forgot.


Success doesn’t come by just saying you have to work hard to attain your goal there is no short cut to success the only and the perfect way to achieve your goals is by working hard no other way around.

“Nothing worth having comes easy-Theodore Roosevelt”




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