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How Parents help their Child for achieving their goals?

How a parents help their child to achieve their goals

Parents play an important role in the success of their child every child need someone who supports them and encourages them to work hard.  Parents play an envitable role in their achievemnets. Study shows a child learn better by giving examples, by engaging them in proper learning activities and by telling stories which has a great natural message of how anyone can accomplish their dreams regardless of challenges. As a parent, you want your children to always know they can do anything they set their minds to.  Encouraging our kids’ dreams and goals is vital to their growth as an individual.

Her I am sharing some great tips for how you can also encourage your kids to reach their goals.


. Talk to your children about their hopes and dreams. Invite them to think about what they would ever want to be, do or possess; who they would like to meet; and where they want to travel. Encourage them to think about today and about 10, 20 and even 50 years in the future.


Always try to motivate your child because this creates a sense of self-esteem in them. It gives them a support that they can accomplish anything in their life. Good parenting always include a motivation for the children. If your child is discouraged and feels they just can’t succeed then there are a lot of fun ways to encourage them. Play with them, tell them a successful stories about goal accomplishments, this will help to build their confidence, and education or lessons can help them learn the skills they need to succeed. Watch successful goal-oriented movies with them this will inculcate in your child the fact that no matter what the challenges are, they can easily work toward their goals to find success.


By saying this we mean to keep reading on them whether they are doing good progress or not, if not, try to find out what difficulties they are facing and figure them out. Also, keep an eye on your child school activities. Always attend parent’s meetings and, ask their teachers to communicate and help them with their problems.


This is the most important thing that parents need to do. In this modern way of life, parents are busier in their lives. They spent more time on gadgets instead of spending time with their child. This creates a sense of loneliness in children they start hiding things from you, do weird things just to grab your attention. Lack of attention from the parents has a negative impact on child behaviour they tend to become rude, so try to be friends with them spend quality time with them. Be open to hear their stories and discussion and try to solve their problem.


If your child has decided to do something support them! Help them to achieve their goals by providing them better guidance and proper qualification, give them better ideas to achieve their goal. Help them to choose their mentor and the right direction to keep them on track.


If your child is at an early stage and is having problems with learning and not making any progress, help them to evaluate your child problems. Tell them failure isn’t always bad. Failure has benefits. Failure can happen to anyone, but it needs to be embraced, fully, as a learning experience, a clean slate, and a solid foundation from which to rebuild on. Encourage them to work harder and achieve their goals


Give value to your child and his decisions. By supporting them, you’re actually encouraging them to develop exactly the muscles you want them to develop to be successful in life.

Demonstrate a positive attitude.

 What we say and do in our daily lives can help them develop a positive attitude towards school and learning and build confidence in themselves as students. By showing our children that education is important to us and that we use it in our daily lives, it produces powerful models and contributes enormously to their success at school.

Moreover, by showing interest in the education of their children, parents and families can generate enthusiasm for them and lead them to a very important insight – that learning can be both enjoyable and rewarding and worthwhile.

. Make your child responsible

In the early stage, allow them to work, let them help you in work. By making them do small chores … they realize I have to do the work of life in order to be part of life.

Taking responsibility and working independently are important qualities for success in life. You can help your child develop these qualities by establishing reasonable rules that you consistently enforce so that your child becomes clear that they must take responsibility for what they do, both at home and at school, to show your child how a job must break into small steps and follow what your child does after school, in the evenings, and at the weekend. If you can’t be there when your child comes home, give her the responsibility to check in by phone to discuss her plans.


One of the best ways parents can encourage their children to reach their goals is to find a hero/mentor they can connect with. You can find numerous stories about almost any field e.g. sport, educational goal or artistic effort to remind your children that they are just as capable as others to achieve their goals and live their dreams.

A good parent always strives to make decisions in the best interest of the child. They always try to support them. we have to keep in mind that not every child is perfect, but it doesn’t mean we don’t have to work towards their goal. First set high standards for ourselves and then for our children. We serve as a role model for them and they always trust us, so always set a perfect example for your children and help them to achieve their goals.

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