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SINDH is one of the third large provinces of Pakistan by area and second largest by population. It is located near River Indus in the south-east of the country.  The capital of Sindh is Karachi, which is also called as Hub of Pakistan. Sindh has a population of 30 million people and an area of 54,407 mi² or (140,914 km²); Sindh is flanked by Baluchistan region toward the west and Punjab region toward the north. Sindh also borders the Indian states of Gujarat and Rajasthan to the east and Arabian Sea toward the south. Sindh’s scene comprises generally of alluvial fields flanking the Indus River which was once known as the Sindhu River (In Sanskrit, Síndhu means “river, stream”) but after partition, it is now known as River Indus.


h cotton, rice, wheat, sugar cane, bananas, and mangoes as the most important crops cultivated in Sindh Rice is the main crop cultivated here annually .main fruits grown in Sindh are Mango, Lychee, Date palm, Guava, Chiku, Citrus fruits, Jammon and Papaya. Sindh is also blessed with natural resources of gas, petrol, and coal.


Sindh is largely comprised of Pakistan main industrial sector because various industries and factories are located here. Karachi city has a huge industrial base. The main industries of Karachi are Textiles, Pharmaceuticals, Steel and Automobiles. Aside from these, Karachi is additionally called a “software outsourcing hub of Pakistan”. Karachi likewise has a quickly prospering ‘Free Zone’ with a yearly development rate of about 6.5 per cent .it also contains two of Pakistan’s commercial seaports, Port Bin Qasim and the Karachi Port are one of South Asia’s largest and busiest deep-water seaports.


The main roots of Sindhi culture belonged to the Indus Valley Civilization. Archaeological research during 19th and 20th centuries show that the most practice of Sindhi people e.g. their agricultural practices, traditional arts and crafts, customs and tradition and other parts of social life resembles Indus Valley Civilization of the third millennium BC. Sindhis also celebrate their cultural day every year on 1 December on that occasion, they wear Ajrak & Sindhi Topi. Many musical programs and rallies are held in cities to mark the day with zeal.


The Sindhi language is old and wealthy in writing. Its essayists have contributed widely to different types of writing in both verse and composition. Sindhi writing is exceptionally rich and is one of the world’s most seasoned written works. The most punctual reference to Sindhi writing is contained in the compositions of Arab students of history. It is set up that Sindhi was the first eastern language into which the Quran was translated


Sindhi music has its own and unique style and is generally performed in either the “Baits” or “Ware” styles. Its main musical instrument is Ektara.



Sr. No.
District Headquarters Area (km²) Population (2012) Density (people/km²)  
1 Badin Badin 6,726 1,136,044 169
2 Dadu Dadu 19,070 1,688,811 89
3 Ghotki Mirpur Mathelo 6,083 970,549 160
4 Hyderabad Hyderabad 5,519 1,565,000 524
5 Jacobabad Jacobabad 5,278 1,425,572 270
6 Jamshoro[12] Jamshoro
7 KARACHI (EastWestSouth
Karachi 3,527 13,215,631 2,795
8 Kashmore[12] Kashmore 2,592 662,462 255
9 Khairpur Khairpur 15,910 1,546,587 97
10 Larkana Larkana 7,423 1,927,066 260
11 Matiari Matiari 1,417 515,331 364
12 Mirpurkhas Mirpur Khas 2,925 1,569,030 536
13 NaushahroFiroze NaushahroFeroze 2,945 1,087,571 369
14 Shaheed Benazirabad Nawabshah 4,502 1,071,533 238
15 KambarShahdadkot Kambar
16 Sanghar Sanghar 10,720 1,453,028 135
17 Shikarpur Shikarpur 2,512 8990,438 350
18 Sukkur Sukkur 5,165 908,373 176
19 TandoAllahyar TandoAllahyar 2,310 550,000
20 Tando Muhammad Khan Tando Muhammad Khan 1,733 447,215 257
21 Tharparkar Mithi 19,638 914,291 47
22 Thatta Thatta 17,355 1,113,194 64
23 Umerkot[13] Umerkot 663,100




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