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Word Press and Woo Commerce are highly integrated with each other so in order to understand Woo-commerce, you must have some knowledge about WordPress.  Word press is a free tool where you can build your own website according to your requirements whether you are an individual or running your online business or store, it fulfils all your need in terms of website’s outlook, your storage space, community support and much more advanced requirement of your website.

Plugins are an amazing feature of Word press. They are bundles of code that expand the centre usefulness of WordPress. The plugin can be a simple or complicated one, it’s an add on feature to your website. The reason we love WordPress you can make it work for you.., it is expandable and you can modify and customize it easily. There are thousands of plugin available in the WordPress market you can choose suitable to your requirement. Plugins can make minor to huge changes to your website and can completely transform your website into an e-commerce store, social network or any other forum.

                  WOO COMMERCE

If you are not familiar with the WooCommerce, allow me to acknowledge you with this term. WooCommerce is a free, flexible and opens online e-commerce arrangement module that works explicitly with WordPress. WooCommerce, much the same as WordPress, accompanies a large number of extensions and plugins. These plugins add new highlights to your e-Commerce store and help you develop your business. It strolls you through how to pick the best Woo Commerce hosting effectively. Many online store merchants trust Woo-commerce because of its flexibility irrespective of business sizes e.g .small or large companies. Woo-commerce is a fast and effective way to develop the online store you want to.

Following are the few main features of Woo-commerce, which you will definitely consider before creating your own online business.

Portable Friendly Design:

 Woo-commerce provides a storefront theme which is mobile friendly and works incredible on cell phones. Your clients can shop here, and you can deal with their requests from anyplace.

Sort out Your Products

It organizes your product items by classification, add varieties to every item, and sell partner items and place them in order.

Geographical-Location Support

It identifies your clients’  location

Stock Management: 

Woo Commerce has a built-in stock management system to follow your stock dimension, hold the stock if a request is dropped, and conceal out-of-stock things from your customer-facing storefront.

Delivery Options:

Offer a transportation calculator on the shopping basket page, so there are no problems at checkout. It gives clients a chance to pick between pickup, nearby conveyance, and transportation.

Site design improvement:

It works on SEO best practices.

Make Coupons and Discounts

 Make your limits apply to just a single item or every one of them.

Checkout Options

 Allow your clients to make an account on your site or look at it as visitors.

Product Reviews:

 It let clients post reviews of your items. You can even guarantee that those remarks came from confirmed clients.

Keeps record

It helps us to calculate our operating expenses, ROI, net profit, complete data of sales revenue, in other words, it keeps the whole record of our online store activities.

Problems faced  in using  woo commerce

• You cannot make changes in variations of all the products in one go.

• You have to make sure all your plugin and themes are running on an up-to-date version

• Conflict with themes

• It is not completely free, you have to pay for hosting and also other add-on extensions to build your online store

• With the use of multiple plugs, there is a huge chance of  plugin conflicts

• Selection of product image size and woo commerce image size should be same otherwise it may cause a problem for you

•  Large backup data that  may cause a problem in your operation

•  Limited access to customer support

• You cannot delete the plugin. Incorrect removable of the plugin may cause multiple errors.

To start your own Woo-commerce online store and getting your first deal . you have to go through the following five steps 

Self-facilitated e-Commerce applications like WooCommerce are less expensive and it itself seeks the low cost of free.  To install and run this traditional software on your own website server you don’t need to hire a web developer you’ll just need more specialized skills and should deal with your site and keep it secure by yourself, In return, you get greater adaptability.  can change everything on your site, changing your checkout experience and list format with the way you like it.

1  Create an account on WordPress

Woo-commerce work along with WordPress so if you don’t have WordPress download it first and then woo commerce. Now make an account on word press that requires your basic information such as user name, website title, email address and then you can log onto your account. Here you can add theme or designs to the outlook of your website

2  Select a theme

Woo-commerce comes with  Woo-commerce theme or word press theme. Choose a woo-commerce theme because it gives mobile responsive options with clean and image-focused design. Moreover, it reduces the risk involved in applying updates to your woo-commerce store. You can choose a free one or with paid premium. We recommend use Storefront theme or you can choose the theme of your choice

3 Install woo-commerce

Now it time to install the woo-commerce plugin, for this you will need a server or hosting account, domain name, SSL certificate, word-press and, woo commerce extensions. now download the woo commerce plugin and select from the list of the plugin available. Before selecting make sure that you install and activate the plugin correctly because each plugin has its own documentation so please check all available plugin that suited for your online store and then activates it. Don’t forget to  watch wizard setup, it will help you  to go through the initial steps

4 Extend woo-commerce

To grow your store effectively you need to spend some money on extensions. Woo-commerce offers a wide range of core + extension models. Latest versions of woo commerce enable you to immediately start your business with advance shipping and check out features. Extensions are used to add more functionality to your online store. Woo-commerce offer extensions for nearly everything.

  • •           For managing products and order
  • •           For customizing your store
  • •           Subscription
  • •           Booking
  • •           Membership
  • •           For selling
  • •           Advanced shipping
  • •           Payment gateways
  • •           Add extra features and integrations.    

5 Security

As you know you are the owner of your website and you have to manage all your data, there might be a risk of data security. WordPress accompanies some built-in security highlights and third-party payment gateways to reduce risk, yet you’re still responsible for guarding your site against security ruptures. Pick a safe web host and buy a decent SSL authentication to reduce such risk.

  Now you are ready to build your online store with woo commerce. Select the product, cart and checkout pages of your choice, secure your payment methods by credit card, choose shipping gateway that is suited you the most and emerge yourself into the world of e-commerce locally and globally and expand your business online.





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